Financial Advisor, Darcy Bergen: Using Life Lessons To Make Sound Decisions for Others

Darcy Bergen

June 18, 2019

Darcy Bergen has been in the financial field as an advisor for more than two decades. His knowledge, dedication, and interest in helping others achieve and understand financial planning is a genuine passion that Mr. Bergen continues to carry through his career with plans to reach more seniors in teaching them to understand optimal ways to maximize their earning potential throughout their retirement years.

Darcy Bergen, President, and CEO of Bergen Financial has received numerous awards and recognition throughout his career. He and his wife, Heather just completed a four-year radio show that they co-hosted called Safe Money & Income, which taught individuals how to amplify investment opportunities.

Growing up in Canada, Darcy Bergen moved to New Zealand with his parents for several years, while his father planted a church there. The Bergen family moved back to Canada, which allowed Darcy to complete both high school and college in their home country. His parents, both devout Christians, eventually took their passion for teaching others about God into the mission field full time.

Years later, Darcy Bergen’s parents went to Kenya as missionaries. The work was challenging, but his parents were dedicated and loved helping the locals drill for clean water, helping the orphanages and locals with food supplies, school supplies, teaching them life skills, mentoring, and spreading the love of the Lord.

One evening, Mr. Bergen’s parents were brutally attacked by 8 Kenyan men that beat them, cut them with machetes, broke their jaws, and raped his mother. Miraculously, Darcy’s parent’s withstood the torture, fled to the local hospital and received medical care. A true miracle, they did not face long-term injuries or lose limbs from the deep machete slices.

Darcy, like his parents understands forgiveness plays a huge role in life, and since his parent’s had a passion for the Kenyan people, they set a goal to return to their work there and to forgive these men, showing them the love of Christ. Darcy Bergen started  in 2008 to assist his parents in going back to Kenya and to spread the word of what happened, and what real love and forgiveness looks like in the face of hatred and despair.

Darcy Bergen is a highly-regarded Financial Advisor, but he also is a highly-moral human being that believes life teaches valuable lessons and draws individuals to a higher calling each and every day to stand firm and to live their best life by learning from each experience and sharing what you’ve discovered.

Darcy Bergen’s team of advisors has over 100 years of experience assisting clients. There is no longer a need to guess; they will set up a customized plan and help you implement a personalized strategy depending on your specific needs. Bergen Financial Group shows clients that there is a way to save and live with guaranteed income for the rest of their lives with annuity-based products.